Pure and fragrant essential oils

Funtanamenta is born in Sardinia

The passion for nature and the need to experience my land.

I always been in love with nature so I decided to make a job of it. I started deepen my knowledge through the course of production and transformation of aromatic and officinal plants, promoted by the Region of Sardinia and the LAORE agency, and then complete with the I.A.P. (Professional Agricultural Entrepreneur).

After attending courses on agricultural entrepreneurship, I decide to start a short chain production that allows me to follow every step of the production process, from plant to sale.

Over time, I continue to perfect the artisan distillation technique, in order to make our essential oils unique and for this reason, they are produced in limited quantities.

A simple and fragrant formula

I commit the building of the distillation unit to local artisans. A 600 litre distiller in stainless steel 316 for food use allows me to keep my work autonomous and to manage the quantities that seasons offer me.


Grown in a 100% natural way and harvested by hand


Handcrafted distiller in 316 stainless steel


The intense gifts of nature

Since 2016, I have started growing Helichrysum, Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary and Mint.

Over the years have joined others plants present in the area: Laurel, Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Fennel, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Inula and others will come!

By hands

Cultivation and harvesting is done by hand without damaging the plant. No use of heavy agricultural machinery.


Quality distillation thanks to slow and artisanal methods.

Essential oils

We have high quality, 100% pure, fragrant, intense and sustainable products.


Through the experience gained, care and continuous study, we can offer quality Essential Oils that contain all the initial spirit of this adventure.