Wild fennel

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Wild fennel Essential Oil.

Foeniculum Vulgare (Miller), fam. Apiaceae.
Name in Sardinian language: Fenughedu, Fenogu Aresti.


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Wild fennel


The fennel plant is the one that with its scent most recalls the height of summer, the season in which its typical yellow flowers appear.

Pioneer Plant

Together with the Cistus and the Mastic, it is among the first to regrow after a fire - on an annual cycle, it is harvested for almost the whole year, depending on its development.

Healthy Food

Well present in Sardinian and Italian culinary traditions, it's the host in various dishes. From chickpea soup to potato soup, with sheep or pork and sweet or savoury pancakes.
It therefore brings to mind moments of conviviality, joy and community, which we have concentrated here in an essential oil with an intense character which retains all the aroma contained in this wonderful herbaceous plant.


A drop of fennel essential oil well mixed in a teaspoon of honey helps digestion and solves colic problems.

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Our essential oils are obtained by steam distillation.


The entire production chain is personally followed up to obtain 100% pure essential oils and aromatic waters.


Our oils are produced in limited batches, because the whole process is handcrafted.

Our essential oils


The chemical composition of the oils has been certified by gaschromatographic analyses by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies of the University of Turin.

They are produced and marketed by Funtanamenta as Natural Flavors for Food - Reg. CE 1334 / 2008-, respecting all safety and hygiene regulations and equipped with the HACCP self-control manual.

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