Mirto Idrolato

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Idrolato di Mirto.

Myrtus Communis (L.), fam. Myrtaceae.
Name in Sardinian language: Murta, Multa.


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Known in Italy above all for the liqueur of the same name, the myrtle plant is much more.

Consacrato alla dea Venere in antichità, ha assunto nel tempo il ruolo di pianta di buon auspicio e prosperità.
Particularly in Sardinia it has become a characteristic plant of the whole region, widely used in traditional cuisine, even if it fears the cold and we do not find it above 600 meters above sea level.

Versione italiana di "Hydrosols E-Book" di Jade Shutes. www.aromaticstudies.com.

White Flower

I cespugli di mirto nascosti fra la macchia mediterranea insieme al Lentisco, li scopriamo nei primi mesi estivi grazie alla fioritura, in questo momento possiamo apprezzarne il bianco candido dei suoi piccoli fiori e il suo tipico profumo che riempie l’aria.


Our essential oil is obtained from the flowering young branches of this plant, giving it a fresh and characteristic aroma.
A drop of myrtle essential oil well mixed in a teaspoon of honey is of great help in case of cough.

L’idrolato ha proprietà astringenti: è un ottimo tonico per il viso.



Our essential oils are obtained by steam distillation.


The entire production chain is personally followed up to obtain 100% pure essential oils and aromatic waters.


Our oils are produced in limited batches, because the whole process is handcrafted.

Our essential oils


The chemical composition of the oils has been certified by gaschromatographic analyses by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies of the University of Turin.

They are produced and marketed by Funtanamenta as Natural Flavors for Food - Reg. CE 1334 / 2008-, respecting all safety and hygiene regulations and equipped with the HACCP self-control manual.

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